Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Birthday to Gail

Wish I could have celebrated my BFF Gail's birthday with her today, but seeing as she's in Arizona where they've been having temps in the 100+, I guess I had to settle for sending her this birthday card, as well as a gift box of surprises (of course, which the majority are more stamping supplies, as one can NEVER have too many, right!!).  Gail loves girly, lace, sparkly, pearls, flowers, so this card should fit right in -- the only thing I missed is her favorite color of PINK.    Oh well, everyone needs a bit of variety now and then, right.  Happy Birthday to you, Gail, and wish you nothing but joy, dinner, presents, cake and ice cream . . . and no melting in your heat !!


  1. oh, what a sweet card, and I'm sure our girl Gail love it!!

  2. A beautiful birthday card indeed! I attended a birthday celebration yesterday and it was so COLD....goodness gracious, you needed a parka to be comfortable!!!!!