Monday, June 28, 2010

Gruffie with honey

This is Gruffie bear, put out by the HouseMouse company -- isn't he having a "delicious" time! Apparently, he's not the least bit worried about calories. This card is on its way to Monica, who was sweet enough to share this image with me -- Thank you, Monica !!!


  1. If Gruffie was here I would be wrestling him for the honey jar! looks so good! He is indeed a cutie, and I so love the whole layout, paper, etc.
    hugs, Pat Smith

  2. Ah,he is mine!! Yea, I love your cards and what a fantastic job you did on this card--you can see everything on him, even his ears.The paper is perfect for him. I love that "bee happy sign". He is perfect Lillian, thank-you--can't wait to see him up close.