Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kitty cuteness

Thought I would choose a cute Penny Black girl to color up for the current challenge, but this kitty jumped at me instead, so decided to give into the whim.  This card has a dual purpose, as I'll be sending it along to a friend that got bit by one of her kitties while she was trying to rescue it from being stuck.  Hope she, her kitty, and her finger are all doing better now!  The current theme for the Penny Black challenge is "lace and pearls".

1 comment:

  1. Pinks and oranges are a fabulous combination of colors. They are a great color choice for this adorable card. I love this kitty image and I think PB has some beautiful cat and dog images...and this one is definitely an awesome one, colored totally perfect. I love the lace across the card and the dash of green is a great eyecatcher. What a pretty doily and butterfly, too. Wonderful layering on that actually looks like it is moving. This is a fabulous card. I love it and I sure hope your friend's finger is okay...dumb kitty to bite the hand that feeds it. :) Hugs, Gail