Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More color here

This image is the same as the previous one, just not quite so "washed out" looking. Again, sorry about that. Don't have any snow on the ground at the moment, but I'm sure it's coming - and I can wait on it - brrrr, give me sunshine and warmth back!! Enjoy your day - off to work now for me.


  1. Sooooo cute, Lillian!!!! I love this adorable image and your soft coloring. We don't have any snow either and none is expected!
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  2. Hi sweet pea!!! Your card is soooo adorable!!! I hope you're enjoying the holiday season, sweetie! I keep meaning to email you, and I just keep failing. I'm so sorry! I've got next week off work though, so you'll be hearing from me. :) A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours! big hugs!!!

  3. Lillian, this is adorable. Your corner punch is so cute...just a little notch and it really puts a finishing touch to this card. Great coloring! Hugs, Gail

  4. Lillian, that is so cute. I love the bright colors. All the other cards on this page are great, too. Love the daring skiier!

    Hugs, Pat