Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trio of friends

Ah, whenever I see THREE friends together like this, it brings to mind my first personal meeting with Vivi and Gail, back in May . . . these PennyBlack cow friends are no exception . . . "Hi, girls" . . .


  1. That is such a fun card... luv those cows!
    They are only so cute...

  2. Awww Lillian, this is so cute and for you to think of me and Vivi as cows. Hahahahhaha. I know...but had to tease you. None of these gorgeous gals has a ponytail...are you sure one of them is me? I love this card. Just adorable, did it again. Your cards make me smile, and isn't that exactly what we all need..more smiles. Hugs, Gail

  3. aawwww Lilli.. this is so cuuuutteeee.... not matter if it is cow or chicks.. 3 girls together mean definetly us together!!! ehehehe
    Love your card.. and I can see some purple on it!! ahaha