Sunday, August 14, 2011

Notebooks for Kards for Kids

I generally ONLY make cards, but this 3x5 notbeook project was a nice change of pace and pretty simple. Bela at Kards for Kids gets a request from the children's hospital for these notebooks for parents to use, when they're not prepared to take notes. I'm also entering this into the Scrapalicious challenge blog that is anything BUT a card this month. This is their site, if you're interested:


  1. What kid, young or old, wouldn't love this?????

  2. aww. Lilli.. this is absolutely gorgeous.. Parents will feel so special when they get this notebooks!!

  3. You know, how many people really do carry around notepaper? This is a fabulous idea and extremely considerate. Lillian, would they like more of them with different designs on the front? I'll bet we could get all the people on LNS to make at least 2 and send them to you for them to go to Bela. Hugs, Gail