Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shamrock bear

I recently purchased this WhipperSnapper cutie, thinking he's versatile -- I just had to use him for some St Patrick's day cards, but I can always transform his clovers into flowers . . .


  1. A picture is nice, but the real thing is even prettier. I'm the lucky recipient of this GREAT St. Patty's Day card and it's sitting on my office desk right now as I type this and can look at it! :)))) Thank you, Lillian, for being an inspiration!! Hugs, Gail

  2. LOVE this card. Brings a smile to my Irish face. You did an excellent job on the coloring. Awesome card!!
    Hugs Monnie

  3. Haha, me Irish Rose, Gail, I also have this darling guy! He has a place of honor in the living room! He is so cute!
    Hugs, Pat