Friday, February 18, 2011

Tilda with present

Finally - a Tilda card -- sorry, been kind of working with other company images lately, so figured it was high time to create a Magnolia card.  Always hard to choose which one I want to color up . . .


  1. What an adorable card, your Tilda!
    Also like your punched edges and cute ribbon! A very sweet card!

  2. Oh she's so cute, Lillian! The flower embellies are so cute and love te punched borders too! Of course Tilda is gorgeous all dressed up in pink! Glad you got to take some time off work, but sorry it had to be for dental work! Enjoy your weekend!
    hugs, Sharon

  3. Love both cards Lillian! Glad you got some time to play, mine has been totally non-existent.


    Deb H.

  4. Another really nice card Lillian. You made her look so soft and prety. Love your layout--another one to use for me!! Great card.
    Hugs Monnie

  5. Enjoying visiting your blog Lillian - nice cards!

  6. Another cutie.. just too much to take in for one day.. I just can't believe you have done so much and worked so many hours and yet done these cards.. you will from now on put these cards on the puter when you make a card so we can make our comments... I love commenting and telling you how great you are and how well you are doing.. a great find and a joy to look at.. a pleasure to the eyes... Thank you Lillian...
    Hugs, Your friend, Jean

  7. Love the card! The colors are neat. The little touch of green on the left, really makes it pop!

    Great card, Lillian!
    Hugs, Pat