Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sweet little Mimosa

Yay - finally colored up this cute Bildy image - I think she's my favorite. I got this image from a couple different sources, but Stephanie was the first one, so I'll give her credit for sharing it with me. Two different layouts - any preference, gals?


  1. They are both sweet as they can be. My favorite is the first one, but I want you to move the darling polka dot flowers from #2 to #1. haha The 2nd one pops more but I love the soft flowers on the first one. hard to please me, huh? lol
    Hugs, Pat

  2. Love them both, but like the 2nd one best - pink, you know!!

  3. Yeah, I wanna be the tie breaker ( for the monent). I really, really like them both, but IF I had to pick one---I would pick #1. I like the circle behind Miss Mimosa and the pattern rose flower next to her really sets if off. Very soft and girly looking. Love the colors and the coloring is great!!
    Monica M

  4. Both are great!!!!! But will have to go with Monica, if I had to pick, #1 would come first.
    Miss Mimosa is so adorable.

  5. I like them both, but #2 is my favorite. It seems more unified.